Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I just can't let it die!

Had tech rehearsal tonight for MorrisCo's production of Ghosts, where I am running both the light board and sound. Afterwards, I got lured into telling my tale of agony regarding my recent involvement with a local Gilbert and Sullivan production group. Now, I have a few good stories, and this tends to be one of them (perhaps not as amusing as my "I chased a state trooper for over two miles because he almost t-boned my car" story). Unfortunately, it still gets me riled, and I hoofed it back to my apartment, uphill, building up a sweaty fit of pique as I mulled over the bitter taste left with me.

I am not good at letting go of things when I am convinced I am right, and that the offending party is more full of shit than a hippiefest outhouse after three days of peace, love, and togetherness. So, I spent some time cooling off (literally, as it is getting to be muggy Michigan again). Took a moment to update my Facebook profile. Rejoiced in my cooler-than-fuck friends. Drank my last Boylans Birch Beer (like root beer, only with more ZING!).

Now, I am fairly well cooled off.

How are you feeling tonight?

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