Friday, June 6, 2008

It's always something...

The Moonbeam has been absent for a few days. Seems the power plug in my PowerBook has deteriorated further, in the latest development growing from a tripping hazard event a couple years ago. For now, the plug has been reseated, and seems to be functioning, but it is very precarious, and I fear jostling the laptop even a little bit. A job cannot arrive too soon for me.

In brighter news, Moonbeam has a new car. Well, new to me. A 1999 Escort Wagon SE. It needs a tune-up, and maybe detailing, but it is much better than the rotting hulk it replaces.

And, just in time for 90 degree heat, I cleaned the filter of my recently-purchased window a/c unit. So now my room is cool without the musty smell the a/c came with.

Of course, incense is hardly ever a bad idea.

Speaking of which, less than a month to go to the Rainbow Gathering, a.k.a to the Moonbeam as the Hippiefest in the Woods. If the car proves worthy, there might be a road trip in Paullie Moonbeam's near-future. Let us hope!

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Anonymous said...

Moonbeams be damned. Festival here i come.