Monday, June 9, 2008

Arts and Alcohol

Over a year ago, I interviewed for a job with an arts group which, as part of it's overall marketing plan, sponsors a winefest.

Now, I like wine and other intoxicants as much as the next guy. However, should any non-profit group ally itself with what could arguably be considered a social scourge? What inherent connection is there between art and alcohol that makes such a connection legit?

Arts groups often get funding based on educational objectives. What is educational about connecting art and alcohol? What are children being taught? Funders are winos? Wealth means getting tipsy? Art belongs to the elites?

Sure, such a strategy brings in funding, but, I ask, at what cost to society?


Anonymous said...

I often find that art and drugs go hand in hand. They let some preconceived notions go and open you up to trying things you normally wouldn't.

Jenny said...

There is no viable connection between alcohol and art. In this case, it's a connection between alcohol and arts fundraising.

You know as well as I the sad state of arts funding, both private and governmental. Sometimes you have to do what will bring people in -- people with checkbooks.

Pathetic? Pandering? Icky? Sure. But you have to keep going somehow. Sometimes you have to pimp out art to the elite to keep it acessable to the the masses.

I feel slimy having typed that. But it is, sadly, the truth.

I totally understand where you're coming from, though. Believe me.